Single flash
Hardwire: Permanent mount without plug
Polycarbonate UV stabilised lens
Current draw @ 12V: 0.5 Amps
Operating temperature: -20 to 85°C
Flash rate: 65-75 flashes per minute
H130mm x D74mm
Available in Amber, Red, Green, Clear, Blue and Magenta
Part No Colour Operating Voltage Flash Pattern Flashtube
S2211AB Amber 12-80 VDC Single 2010FT
S2211RB Red 12-80 VDC Single 2010FT
S2211GB Green 12-80 VDC Single 2010FT
S2211CB Clear 12-80 VDC Single 2010FT
S2211BB Blue 12-80 VDC Single 2010FT
S2211MB Magenta 12-80 VDC Single 2010FT


Part Number Description
2200AL Amber Replacement Lens
2200RL Red Replacement Lens
2200GL Green Replacement Lens
2200CL Clear Replacement Lens
2200BL Blue Replacement Lens
2200ML Magenta Replacement Lens
2010FT Replacement Globe for S2211

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