Hardwire: Permanent mount without plug
Magnetic Base: with plug to suit standard automotive power outlet
Customisable light
IP65 rated: Dustproof and Water Resistant
Hardwire: H149mm x D181mm x W398mm
Magnetic: H166mm x D181mm x W398mm
Magnetic Base lead length: 4m coiled cable
Direct drive for quieter operation
130 rotations per minute
12VDC version can be converted to 24VDC with a simple globe change and vice versa
Current draw @ 12V: 9.6Amps
Speed Rating for Magnetic Base version: 110 km/h subject to appropriate mounting and road conditions
Part No Magnetic Part No Hardwire Colour Operating Voltage Bulb Type
MR3124AM-12V MR3124A-12V Amber 12 VDC H1 12V 55W
MR3124RM-12V MR3124R-12V Red 12 VDC H1 12V 55W
MR3124GM-12V MR3124G-12V Green 12 VDC H1 12V 55W
MR3124BM-12V MR3124B-12V Blue 12 VDC H1 12V 55W
MR3124CM-12V MR3124C-12V Clear 12 VDC H1 12V 55W
MR3124AM-24V MR3124A-24V Amber 24 VDC H1 24V 70W
MR3124RM-24V MR3124R-24V Red 24 VDC H1 24V 70W
MR3124GM-24V MR3124G-24V Green 24 VDC H1 24V 70W
MR3124BM-24V MR3124B-24V Blue 24 VDC H1 24V 70W
MR3124CM-24V MR3124C-24V Clear 24 VDC H1 24V 70W