6 x 2 Watt coloured LEDs
Can be mounted to trucks, emergency vehicles, recovery vehicles etc
Water resistant and dust proof
CE Certified
PC board is epoxy potted for durability and increased lifespan
Clear lens version available on request
Operating temperature: -25° to 85° C
Operating voltage: 10 – 30 VDC
Polycarbonate UV stabilised lens and base
Current draw @ 12 V: 0.5 Amps
2 year warranty
Dimensions: H10mm x D28mm x W113mm

Programmable Cluster:

Linked clusters can be programmed with synchronised and selectable patterns: Single, Left to Right, Single & Double, Left to Right Double Alternating, Quad, Left to Right Quad Alternating, California Tile, Fade In and Out, Static On, Quint
Built in control chip allows independent or linked use

Slave Cluster:

Requires independent control unit to enable synchronised and/or selectable flash patterns
Ideal for low profile indicators, park lights, brake lights etc
Economical option for 8 or more linked clusters
Part No Programmable Part No Slave LED Colour Lens Colour Voltage LEDs
L41506AA L41506AA-S Amber Amber 10-30 VDC 6
L41506AC L41506AC-S Amber Clear 10-30 VDC 6
L41506RR L41506RR-S Red Red 10-30 VDC 6
L41506RC L41506RC-S Red Clear 10-30 VDC 6
L41506GG L41506GG-S Green Green 10-30 VDC 6
L41506GC L41506GC-S Green Clear 10-30 VDC 6
L41506CC L41506CC-S Clear Clear 10-30 VDC 6
L41506BB L41506BB-S Blue Blue 10-30 VDC 6
L41506BC L41506BC-S Blue Clear 10-30 VDC 6
L41506CM L41506CM-S Clear Magenta 10-30 VDC 6