High powered, high intensity LED cluster
Can be mounted to trucks, emergency vehicles, recovery vehicles etc
Available with 3 x 1 Watt LEDs (AL4103) or 4 x 1 Watt LEDs (AL4104)
Water resistant and dust proof
AL4103 Dimensions: H29mm x D41mm x W101mm
AL4104 Dimensions: H29mm x D41mm x W121mm
AL4103 peak current draw @ 12V: 0.35 Amps
AL4104 peak current draw @ 12V: 0.7 Amps
Double Clusters can be created using our custom designed Bezels to join two clusters
Optional coloured LEDs with CLEAR lens

Programmable Cluster:

AL4103 Flash Patterns: Single, Single + Double, Quad, 3 Pattern Cycle, Fade In/Out, Static On
AL4104 Flash Patterns: Single, Left to Right Single, Double, Single + Double, Left to Right Double, Quad, Left to Right, 6 Pattern Cycle, Fade In/Out, Static On
Linked clusters can be programmed with synchronized flash patterns
Built in control chip allows independent or linked use

Slave Cluster:

Requires independent control unit to enable synchronized and/or selectable flash patterns
Ideal for indicators, park lights, brake lights etc
Economical option for 8 or more linked clusters
Part No Programmable Part No Slave LED Colour Lens Colour Voltage LEDs
L4103AA L4103AA-S Amber Amber 12-24 VDC 3
L4103AC L4103AC-S Amber Clear 12-24 VDC 3
L4103RR L4103RR-S Red Red 12-24 VDC 3
L4103RC L4103RC-S Red Clear 12-24 VDC 3
L4103GG L4103GG-S Green Green 12-24 VDC 3
L4103GC L4103GC-S Green Clear 12-24 VDC 3
L4103CC L4103CC-S Clear Clear 12-24 VDC 3
L4103BB L4103BB-S Blue Blue 12-24 VDC 3
L4103BC L4103BC-S Blue Clear 12-24 VDC 3
L4103CM L4103CM-S Clear Magenta 12-24 VDC 3
L4104AA L4104AA-S Amber Amber 12-24 VDC 4
L4104AC L4104AC-S Amber Clear 12-24 VDC 4
L4104RR L4104RR-S Red Red 12-24 VDC 4
L4104RC L4104RC-S Red Clear 12-24 VDC 4
L4104GG L4104GG-S Green Green 12-24 VDC 4
L4104GC L4104GC-S Green Clear 12-24 VDC 4
L4104CC L4104CC-S Clear Clear 12-24 VDC 4
L4104BB L4104BB-S Blue Blue 12-24 VDC 4
L4104BC L4104BC-S Blue Clear 12-24 VDC 4
L4104CM L4104CM-S Clear Magenta 12-24 VDC 4
L4106-BZ Black Bezel to join two L4103 LED Clusters
L4108-BZ Black Bezel to join two L4104 LED Clusters