24 x 0.25 Watt LEDs
White casing
H20mm x D150mm x W70mm
Coloured LEDs with clear lens
Can be made to flash by connecting to a control unit
Mosquito repellent option features White LEDs with a yellow lens
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Part No LED Colour Current Draw @ 12VDC
L8024ACW-12 Amber 0.12 Amps
L8024RCW-12 Red 0.12 Amps
L8024BCW-12 Blue 0.16 Amps
L8024CCW-12 Cool White 0.16 Amps
L8024GCW-12 Green 0.16 Amps
L8024CYW-12 Mosquito Repellent Yellow 0.16 Amps