The Assassin Light Bars provide road vehicles with high penetration, high level lighting, making the vehicle more visible through dust, mist and fog in daylight or night conditions. Customise your vehicle roof top lighting with these technologically advanced, aerodynamically designed, low profile light bars.

The Assassin Light Bars can display reversing, brake and tail lights in addition to amber, red, green, clear, blue or magenta warning lights. Available as standard or fully customised units to suit your individual requirements.


Mine specifications with Reverse Alarm, Brake, Tail, Indicator and Flashing Amber Beacons Can be customised to your requirements, including flash pattern, colours and length and more
Ultra low profile Very low current draw
Robust design to withstand tough conditions Aerodynamically designed to reduce airflow resistance
Waterproof and vibration resistant LEDs rated at 100,000 operational hours
Can be custom assembled to suit your requirements Curved LED Cluster Lens for increased visibility from a greater distance
360° horizontal light output 180° vertical light output
Small versions available in Magnetic Base w/ cig lighter adapter option Available in standard models for easy ordering
Ease of maintenance due to modular design Ability to include signage module
Speed Rating for Magnetic Base versions up to 447mm in length: 110 km/h (subject to appropriate mounting and road conditions)


IP66 rated: Dustproof and Water Resistant Operating temperature from -10°C to 85°C
Height: 65mm (excluding optional mounting feet) Various flash patterns available including programmable option
Width: 200mm Available in 12 VDC or 24 VDC
Lengths: Starting at 164mm and increasing in approximately 75mm increments Other module options include reversing alarms, rotating beacons, dual level LEDs
Custom sizes and configurations available for order Modules are Epoxy Potted for protection of electronic components
LED Modules available in Amber, Red, Green, Clear, Blue & Magenta End Caps have 8 x 1 Watt LEDs integrated into the lens with 45 degree offsets
LED Modules also available in coloured LEDs with clear lens configurations Each LED Module has 4 x 1 Watt LEDs integrated into the lens


Aluminium casing top and bottom Polycarbonate UV stabilised lenses
Rubber pads to isolate vibration and protect the roof of the vehicle Different control options available including push button
Epoxy coated PC board
Part No Length Operating Voltage LED Module Reversing Alarm
ALM1114-112BA97 1114mm 12 VDC 4x Indicator, 4x Warning, 1x Reversing, 2x Brake/Tail 97dB
ALM1114-142BA97 1114mm 12 VDC 4x Indicator, 4x Warning, 2x Reversing, 4x Brake/Tail 97dB
ALM1264-172BA97 1264mm 12 VDC 4x Indicator, 8x Warning, 1x Reversing, 4x Brake/Tail 7dB
ALM1574-262BA97-24V 1574mm 24 VDC 4x Indicator, 16x Warning, 4x Reversing, 2x Brake/Tail 97dB

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